The Grani team will assist you in selecting a building site, providing you with free consulting on design and planning. Our engineers and specialists choose the right time, materials and quality construction work.
  1. Arrangement of the foundation of the house
  2. Removing the Columns
  3. Floor covering with reinforced concrete slabs
  4. Block setup
  5. Overlap


  1. Internal and external repairs
  2. Lubricate with cement solution, gage, rod
  3. Painting works
  4. Tile and tile
  5. Stretch the floor with a cement solution
  6. Laminate flooring
  7. Plaster-cardboard ceiling arrangement

Heating & Plumbing

  1. Project preparation
  2. Cutting pipes, arranging individual stacks
  3. Installation of heating panels and boilers
  4. Installation of bathroom and kitchen plumbing accessories


  1. Electrical project preparation
  2. Compress compression, installation of panels, circuit breakers
  3. Low power supply, emergency exits, fire detectors, internet

Yard decoration

Grani's Certified Gardeners will give you free consultation on plant selection and yard planning.
  1. Gran's Plant Farm "Emotion" offers a wide variety of plants and ornamental materials.
  2. Our decorators will provide you with the best environment for natural stone, rock waste and other types of materials.
  3. Gardeners with many years of experience choose plants suitable for the environment and climate.